District Policies

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School Board Policy Documents

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*Legally Required Policies

Section 0000 - Philosophy, Goals and Objectives
0001 Mission Statement
0002 Vision
0003 Core Beliefs
0100 Equal Opportunity
0110 Sexual Harassment of District Personnel and Officers 
0110-R Sexual Harassment Regulation
0111 Sexual Harassment Involving Students 
0115 Harassment, Intimidation or Bullying
0150 HIV/AIDS 
0150-R HIV Regulation
0300 Accountability 
0310 Board Self-Evaluation
0320 Evaluation of Superintendent 
Section 1000 - Community Relations
1000 Community Relations Goals 
1050 Annual District Meeting and Election 
1100 Public Information Program 
1120 School District Records 
1120R-1 School District Records Regulation
1120R-2 School District Records Regulation
1130 News Media Relations 
1131 Parent Notification 
1135 Media Coverage of School Sports and Special Events 
1150 School Budget and Bond Referenda Information
1200 Community Involvement 
1220 Relations with Community and Business Organizations
1221 Relations with Parent Organizations 
1230 Public Participation at Board Meetings
1400 Public Complaints 
1420 Complaints about Curricula or Instructional Materials
1420-R Complaints about Curricula or Instructional Materials Regulation
1420-E Request for Reconsideration of Work
1460 Appeals to the Board of Education 
1500 Public Use of School Facilities 
1500-R Public Use of School Facilities Fee Schedule
1500-E Public Use of School Facilities Stadium Fee Schedule
1511 Student Photographs 
1512 Community Activities, Performances and Display of Materials for Students
1530 Smoking and Other Tobacco Use on School Premises 
1741 Home Instruction
1900 Parent and Family Engagement 
1925 Interpreters for Hearing-Impaired Parents
1926 Service Animals
Section 2000 - School Board Governance and Operations
2000 Board Operational Goals 
2100 School Board Legal Status
2110.1 Board Member Access to Employee Personnel Records 
2111 Board Member Authority
2111.1 Board Member School Visits 
2120 School Board Elections 
2120.2 Voting Procedures 
2121 Board Member Qualifications 
2150 Filling Board Vacancies 
2160 School District Officer and Employee Code of Ethics
2160-E Code of Conduct for Board of Education Members 
2210 Board Organizational Meeting 
2220 Board Officers 
2230 Appointed Board Officials 
2260 Citizens Advisory Committees 
2265 Shared Decision-Making and School-Based Planning 
2270 School Attorney
2310 Regular Meetings 
2320 Special Meetings
2330 Executive Sessions
2340 Notice of Meetings
2342 Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
2350 Board Meeting Procedures 
2352 Rules of Order 
2360 Minutes 
2410 Policy Development, Adoption, Implementation and Review
2415 Submission of Petitions and Requests to the Board
2440 Administration In Absence of Policy 
2510 New Board Member Orientation 
2520 Board Development and Training 
2521 School Board Conferences, Conventions, Seminars, and Workshops 
2710 Communication Among Individual Board Members 
Section 3000 - Administration
3000 Goals and Objectives for Administration 
3100 Superintendent of Schools 
3250 School Building Administration
3260 Administrative Intern Program
3310 Administrative Procedures 
Section 4000 - Instruction
4000 Student Learning Objectives and District Instructional Goals 
4100 Organization of Instruction 
4110 School Calendar
4200 Curriculum Management 
4311.1 Display of the Flag 
4311.1-R Display of the Flag Regulation
4314 Occupational Education 
4315.1 AIDS Instruction
4316 Physical Education 
4321 Programs for Students with Disabilities Under I.D.E.A. and Article 89 
4321.1 Allocation of Space for Special Education Programs and Services
4321.2 Preschool Special Education 
4321.3 Independent Educational Evaluations 
4321.4 Impartial Hearing Officer Appointment and Compensation
4321.5 Individualized Education Program (IEP) Distribution
4325 Academic Intervention Services
4326 Limited English Proficiency Instruction 
4327 Temporary Home and Hospital Instruction 
4327-R Application for Home and Hospital Instruction Regulation
4334 Dual Credit for College Courses in High School
4340 School Community Programs 
4410 Appropriate Placement of Students
4510 Instructional Materials
4511 Textbook Selection and Adoption
4513 Library Materials Selection 
4526 Computer Network for Education 
4526-R Computer Network for Education Regulation
4526.1 Internet Safety 
4526.1-R Internet Safety Regulation
4526.2 Acceptable Use of Personal Portable Electronic Devices 
4531 Field trips
4532 School Volunteers 
4600 Guidance Services
4700 Comprehensive Assessment
4710 Grading Systems 
4712 Student Progress Reports to Parents
4740 Class Ranking and Weighted Grades 
4741 Selection of Valedictorians and Salutatorians 
4750 Promotion and Retention of Students 
4770 Graduation Requirements
4770.1 Participation in Graduation Ceremony
4810 Teaching about Controversial Issues
4821 Religion and the School
4850 Animals in the School (Instructional Purposes)
Section 5000 - Student Policies
5000 Student Policy Goals 
5020.3 Students with Disabilities Pursuant to Section 504 
5030 Student Complaints and Grievances
5030-R Student Complaints and Grievances Regulation
5100 Attendance
5110 School Attendance Areas
5140 Age Residency and School Admissions 
5140-R Age Residency and Enrollment Regulations
5151 Homeless Children
5151-R Homeless Children Regulation
5152 Admission of Nonresident Students
5152.1 Foreign Exchange Students
5155 Student Withdrawal and Transfer from School
5155-R Student Withdrawal and Transfer from School Regulation
5155-R Form 1 - Student Absence Form
5155-R Form 2 - Student Attendance Over Compulsory Drop Letter
5155-R Form 3 - Parent Letter Prior to Drop
5155-R Form 4 - Parent Letter Notifying of Drop
5162 Student Dismissal Precautions 
5162-R Student Dismissal Precautions Regulation
5180 Early Release of Students 
5182 Release Time for Religious Instruction 
5210 Student Organizations 
5220 School-Sponsored Student Publications and Productions 
5251 Fundraising, Public Solicitation of Students, and Sales to Students in the Schools 
5252 Extracurricular Activities Funds Management 
5280 Interscholastic Athletics
5300 Code of Conduct 
5313 Restraint, Seclusion, and use of Behavioral Interventions and Supports 
5405 Student Wellness
5420 Student Health Services 
5420-R Student Health Services Regulation
5420.1-R Administering Medicines to Students Regulation
5420.2 Physical Examination of Students
5420.2-R Physical Examination of Students Regulation
5420.3 Immunizations 
5420.4 Head Lice 
5420.5 Concussion Management
5420.5-R Ambulance Use and Fee Payment Regulation
5425 Automated External Defibrillators 
5440 Alcohol and Drug Use by Students 
5450.1 Notification of Sex Offenders 
5460 Suspected Child Abuse and Maltreatment 
5460-R Suspected Child Abuse and Maltreatment Regulation
5500 Student Records
5500-R Student Records Regulation
5550 Student Privacy 
5620 Contests for Students
5710 Violent or Disruptive Incident Reporting 
5800 Secondary Student Awards and Scholarships 
5821 Athletic Placement Process
5821.1 Athletic Placement Process Form 
5822 Academic Integrity
Section 6000 - Fiscal Management
6000 Fiscal Management Goals 
6100 Annual Budget 
6110 Budget Planning 
6110-R Budget Planning Regulation
6120 Budget Hearing 
6150 Budget Transfers 
6215 Senior Citizens' Exemption 
6230 Federal Funds 
6240 Investments 
6240-R Investments Regulation
6252 Admission to Extracurricular and Interscholastic Events
6255 Gifts and Grants 
6255.1 Major Gifts to District
6410 Authorized Signatures
6600 Fiscal Accounting and Reporting 
6640 Accounting and Fixed Assets
6650 Claims Auditor 
6660 Independent/External Audits 
6670 Petty Cash/Petty Cash Accounts
6670-R Petty Cash Accounts Regulation
6680 Internal Audit Function 
6690 Audit Committee 
6700 Purchasing 
6700-R Purchasing Regulation
6710 Purchasing Authority
6740 Purchasing Procedures 
6750 Public Solicitation of Staff in the Schools
6800 Payroll Procedures
6830 Expense Reimbursement 
6830-R Expense Reimbursement Regulation
6900 Disposal of District Property
6910 Medicaid Compliance Plan 
  Appendix A - Confidential Disclosure
  Appendix B - Commitment to Ensure Compliance
Section 7000 - Facilities Development
7000 Facilities Development Goals
7100 Facilities Planning
7365 Construction Safety 
7500 Naming of Facilities 
Section 8000 - Support Services
8110 School Building Safety 
8115 Pesticides and Pest Management 
8120 Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures 
8123.1 Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control 
8130 School Safety Plans 
8131 Life Threat Policy 
8134 Emergency Closings 
8212 Loss or Destruction of District Property 
8220 Buildings and Grounds Maintenance and Inspection
8240 Traffic and Parking on School Property 
8330 Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials and Equipment 
8334 Use of Credit Cards 
8410 Student Transportation 
8411 School Bus Scheduling and Routing 
8413 Transportation for Nonpublic School Students 
8414 Use of Surveillance Cameras in the School District 
8414-R Use of Surveillance Cameras in the School District Regulation
8414.1 Bus Driver Qualifications and Training 
8414.5 Alcohol and Drug Testing of Bus Drivers 
8414.5-R Alcohol and Drug Testing of Bus Drivers Regulation
8414.5-E Alcohol and Drug Testing Program Acknowledgement Form
8417 Student Transportation in Private Vehicles 
8500 Food Service Management 
8506 Meal Charge and Equitable Treatment of Students
8635 Data Privacy and Security
8650 Copyright Law Compliance 
Section 9000 - Personnel Policies
9120.1 Conflict of Interest
9140.1 Staff Complaints and Grievances
9140.1-R Staff Complaints and Grievances Regulation
9170 Meals and Refreshments 
9240 Recruiting and Hiring
9241.1 Academic Integrity for Administrators, Faculty and Staff 
9242 Fingerprinting of Prospective Employees and Other Service Providers 
9260 Safety of Students in Contact with Conditionally or Emergency Conditionally Appointed Employees 
9270.1 Creation and Approval of Annual Substitute Lists
9320 Alcohol, Drugs, and Other Substances
9320-R Drug-Free Workplace Regulation
9340 Employee Assistance Programs 
9410 Employee Position Descriptions
9420 Staff Evaluation
9500 Compensation and Benefits
9510.1 Instructional Staff Pay for Extra Service
9520.5 Instructional Staff Absences and Leaves
9610 Staff Substance Abuse
9610-R Staff Substance Abuse Regulation
9620 Child Abuse in an Educational Setting 
9630 Staff-Student relations (Anti-Fraternization) 
9640 Tutoring for Pay
9645 Prohibition of Retaliatory Action (Whistleblower) 
9700 Staff Development
9710 Valuing Diversity 
The use of the term "He", "His", or "Him" is a reference to either gender.
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